Light Up A Life this Holiday Season

Our Holiday Campaign kicks off on Giving Tuesday, Nov. 30th!

Give a gift that gives back. Explore Urban Stable’s Gift Guide that has a gift for
everyone on your list this holiday season. Dedicate your gift to a loved one,
or choose a gift for yourself and make an impact today.

Become a monthly donor and make a lasting impact year-round.
Reliable monthly funding makes it easier for charities like
Urban Stable to plan ahead, and focus on our long-term impact. 

Every dollar donated helps Urban Stable provide more opportunities
for youth to attend Urban Stable’s life-changing programs.
Join Urban Stable this holiday season and let’s light up a life together.

More beautiful than the holiday lights is a life that is lit up!

Unbridling Youth Potential

Leadership Development

“My horse helped me overcome my fears,
to relax and not worry.”

Todd, Student Aged 12 

“The horses helped me to see the small movements
and become more detail orientated.”

Audrey, Team Building Workshop Participant

Growing up can be tough. Youth can experience stress and isolation at school from not belonging to the popular cliques or feeling unsuccessful in classes. At Urban Stable we help youth to overcome challenges and develop life skills to re-engage with themselves, their education and community.

Working in a team is fun, sharing ideas, reaching goals, but sometimes teams struggle with misunderstandings, impatience, and conflicts. This can cause in increase in stress and productivity suffers. Our Leadership Development sessions can address these common workplace challenges and get your team working together cohesively, reduce stress and help your team achieve their goals.

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Recent News

You make a difference - Thank You!

You make a difference - Thank You!

Today we are thankful for all the amazing people around us who support growth and change in our communities by giving youth the chance to Light Up their Life at Urban Stable!  GivingTuesday is a movement for generosity that is powerful and is changing the world. You are part of that movement.  THANK YOU for seeing the need to create bright paths ahead for youth who are struggling, and for acting on that insight. You are making a difference we can all be thankful for.  Let's keep the giving move[...]
Amanda's Life Lit Up!

Amanda's Life Lit Up!

Boundaries are a way we teach others how to love us. Meet Amanda*, an Urban Stable student who struggles with anxiety, whose horse Brownie taught her an invaluable lesson in setting boundaries, personal strength and healthy relationship building.  In Amanda's second week attending Urban Stable she learned how to build her relationship with her horse through grooming. While Amanda was trying to groom however, Brownie was fidgety and kept moving around. Amanda needed to find the courage to set bo[...]
Happy Trails in Your Retirement Wendy!

Happy Trails in Your Retirement Wendy!

We are pleased to honour Wendy, our Co-Founder and Executive Director, as she transitions into retirement. For these last 20 years Wendy has been the heart and soul of our organization and we want to honour Wendy and her outstanding contribution to Urban Stable and the youth in our community.  Wendy MacDonald co-founded Urban Stable in 2001 and she has been the Executive Director for these last 20 years. Urban Stable grew from Wendy’s desire to provide much needed support and programming for mi[...]
New Home Update

New Home Update

You have all been so amazing in your support as we search for a new home. Over the last year we have had many helpful conversations, visited wonderful barn and arena facilities in the Winnipeg area, met incredible people and made important connections. We have learned a lot, built relationships and clarified many questions as we looked for our new home. The search for our new home has yielded all these amazing opportunities, experiences, relationships and connections. We continue to move forwar[...]
Program Update

Program Update

As school staff know too well, many of the struggles youth face (e.g., depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism, grief) have been heightened for 1 ½ years with changes to school routines, isolation from friends and family and cancellation of activities. Youth need that calming connection and experiential learning with horses now more than ever. We see a need to do more going forward, not less, for our current participants and also for other individuals or groups who are struggling.We are pleased to ha[...]