About Us

Urban Stable means opportunity…

Opportunity for youth facing challenges, such as social, emotional, behavioural, or learning difficulties, to learn horsemanship and riding skills, while at the same time learning to engage and connect with their education, themselves and others. Since Urban Stable was founded in 2001, we have helped over 750 youth in our programs to unbridle their potential at school, at home and in their communities. Each year we welcome up to 50 new participants.

Urban Stable is a well-established, registered charity (legal name The Horse Connection Inc.) with a proven track record in offering equine assisted programs that facilitate social and emotional well-being. Urban Stable is an Accredited Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association (CanTRA) Centre. Our team of CanTRA certified instructors, program horses, and trained volunteers work together to ensure Urban Stable programs are safe and fun for all participants to develop new friendships and engage with their peers.

Our Programming

Our experiential learning horsemanship and riding programs offer social and emotional development for Grade 5-12 students – through referral by their school – which promotes competence in horsemanship, riding, social skills, teamwork, and leadership.

Our Equine Partners

We use horses because they are feeling creatures, with survival instincts, and have a great sensitivity to their environment. From the moment a student approaches a horse a conversation begins.

Our horses offer a unique form of experiential learning. The stability of the programs’ routine, and the consistency, empathy, genuineness, clear communication and leadership of the horse, facilitates the development of critical life skills.

Urban Stable looks to enrich young learners by engaging and empowering them to face life’s challenges in a safe, caring, and supportive environment that provides the opportunity for youth to unbridle their potential.

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