Benefits of Experiential Riding

As an Accredited Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association Centre, our programs are about more than riding lessons and being around horses.

We offer a unique opportunity that empowers youth in Grades 5-12 to engage with their education, their peers and themselves.

Partnering with public schools and youth-serving community organizations, we invite students to ride, care for and bond with horses and enjoy the five main benefits of therapeutic experiential riding & horsemanship :

  • physical
  • educational
  • behavioural
  • psychological
  • social

Physically, riding can contribute to improved balance, coordination and posture. It can also increase motor control, muscle strength and flexibility and challenge a student’s overall endurance, coordination, and reflexes.

From an educational standpoint, riding can enhance verbal and non-verbal communication skills including word recognition, speech vocalization, and articulation. By working in a stable setting, students gain a better grasp of following instructions and categorizing information, improve cognitive skills and learn how to conceptualize everyday occurrences on a larger, lifelong scale.

Behaviourally, we aim to immensely improve our students’ sense of well-being. A student’s self-esteem and sense of responsibility increases while they master the many skills of horsemanship & riding and the experience allows them to be involved in both group and independent activities.

Riding and overall horsemanship also has a profound psychological effect on developing minds. Our students often feel more motivated, patient, joyful, and courageous. We’ve even heard that students experience a sense of “normalcy” while in the program, gain a greater sense of emotional control and develop an increased interest in their world and that around them.

Our programs help facilitate social well-being for our students and encourage them to develop new friendships and learn how taking part in physical activity is a positive experience.

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Urban Stable and our instructors are certified and accredited through the Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association (CanTRA). Learn more about CanTRA.