How to Get Involved

Program Volunteer

At Urban Stable we want to empower our students to become independent and have autonomy in being a leader to their horse. In order to safely facilitate this growth to independent leadership, students in our program are assigned a volunteer Horse Handler/Youth Assistant that acts as the student’s assistant in grooming, maintaining safe practices around the horse and leading the horse and student during lessons.

We are looking for people with horse experience to volunteer as Horse Handlers/Youth Assistants who can commit to volunteering in one class weekly over the course of 10 weeks in the fall/winter, and/or 14 weeks in winter/spring.

Urban Stable requires all volunteers to complete an Abuse Registry Check and Police Record Check. Training is provided and mandatory for all Horse Handlers/Youth Assistants to follow CanTRA safety guidelines.

If you are interested in volunteering as a Horse Handler/Youth Assistant please contact us by email for a volunteer application.

Volunteer Board Member


Urban Stable’s Board of Directors is an engaged, dynamic and working board that takes action, steering our charity forward, effectively planning for Urban Stable’s future. If you have a heart for helping youth at risk and giving them an opportunity for growth and a strong future, and/or you have a unique skill you can bring to our board, in areas such as: fundraising, finance, marketing, experience in the non-profit sector, then volunteering as a board member for Urban Stable might be a good fit for you.

As a board member, you would attend and contribute to planning, development and event meetings, and participate at fundraising, awareness and celebratory events. Board meetings are held every 2 months, September –June. Fundraising and other committee meetings are generally set in alternating months to board meetings based on our annual strategic plan and what is needed to complete the task at hand, for specific fundraisers and/or other special events.

Board members will be interviewed by a current board member and the Executive Director, provided with an orientation of their particular role on the board and asked to commit to a 2-year term. If you feel you have something to contribute and are interested in volunteering on the Board of Directors please contact us at

Event Volunteer


Urban Stable needs volunteers to help at fundraising events. If you want to volunteer at an event or join the committee to help plan fundraising events consider becoming an event volunteer. We have opportunities to volunteer at various fundraising events throughout the year such as the annual Bud & Spud Fundraiser, helping to sell tickets for raffles, and 50/50.

Event volunteers will be asked to make short term, single event commitments or up to a 2-year term on the event committee. Event volunteers are provided with an orientation to their particular role. Event committee meetings are set individually based on what is needed for that specific fundraiser and/or special event.

If you are interested in being an event volunteer contact us by email


You can help Urban Stable change lives by donating today. Every donation, no matter how big or how small, enables Urban Stable to continue to unbridle youth potential. Make a life-changing gift today.

Other ways to get involved are in-kind donations of:

  • Program equipment – we ask equipment to be clean & in good condition
  • Office equipment and supplies
  • Time & expertise in an area that would benefit our organisation

Contact us by email at if you have any in-kind donation that could be used or benefit Urban Stable.

Thanks to the support of our volunteers and donations this is how students have responded to our programs…

“I have always wished to ride or own a horse and this program is making a wish come true and is teaching me how much work a horse needs. I learned that I like taking a challenge. My Horse taught me that I do have knowledge in my head, I just need to try hard to bring it out.”

“I think the program is awesome. I learned that I am a good leader. I can do anything I put myself to if I try. My horse taught me to be confident.”