Our Mission


Urban Stable empowers youth to engage in their education and community and achieve personal success through hands-on learning experiences with horses.




We empower youth to learn experientially from their horses (the real teachers) and encourage them to transfer these new skills and knowledge to school, home and their community.


We support positive connections between the youth in our program and their families, schools, peers, program staff, volunteers, horses and to the natural settings in which we do our work.


We create an environment of acceptance, where youth and their families feel they belong and receive support to build trusting relationships with their horse, with peers and with others’ in their lives.


We maintain the highest quality in all aspects of program delivery, design and organizational decision-making ensuring that youth feel psychologically and physically safe, and that staff and volunteers are trained to the highest standards.


We are a dedicated team of mentors, program leaders and program supporters who lead by example, using a positive approach and encouraging youth to achieve their goals through perseverance and compassion.