Growing up can be tough

Students often experience stress and isolation at school from not belonging to the popular cliques or feeling unsuccessful in classes.

We don’t judge or label our students, so they are free to create their success without any past failures getting in their way. We offer them a new way to view themselves and their world with skills and perspectives that follow them back to school, and they become empowered and more optimistic about working harder in school by communicating with peers and trying new challenges.

Urban Stable students are identified and referred by their classroom teachers (through our in-school contacts) and come to the program with others from their school and school division. Our programs offer social development for Grades 5-12 students, that promote competence in horsemanship, riding, social skills, teamwork, and leadership.

So who exactly is an Urban Stable participant? 

There’s no magic formula to identify students who may benefit from the program, but we generally look for students who could benefit from a safe, caring, supportive, and challenging environment.

This may be a student who has trouble making friends, or one who is too interested in animals to care much about traditional classroom learning. It could also be a student with neurological conditions, mental health concerns, behavioural issues, and many other reasons that present as challenges for the student.

Our experiential therapeutic riding program looks to enrich young learners by engaging and empowering them to face life’s challenges in a safe, caring, and supportive environment that provides the desire for individual youth to reach their full potential.