Our Staff

Our program staff consists of our Program Director, Head Instructor, Assistant Instructor, and Program Drivers, making it a strong team with each member having the capacity to step into leadership roles. Urban Stable currently has two Senior Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association (CanTRA) certified instructors and three candidates working towards their Intermediate CanTRA certification. Our Senior level instructors have the capacity to mentor instructors/CanTRA candidates of all levels of instructor certification right here in Manitoba. Urban Stable is the first CanTRA Accredited Exam Centre for Basic One and Basic Two Instructor level examinations in the province.

Board of Directors

  • Kim Robinson – President
  • Zoë Brittain – Secretary
  • Allan Wainwright – Treasurer
  • Griffin Jenkins – Director
  • Catherine Burns – Director
  • Tracey Kolbauer – Director
  • Chelsey Kent-Beauchamp – Director
  • Genevieve Cloutier – Director
  • Lana Stevenson – Past President


Hayley – Executive Director

Hayley Edwards is Executive Director for Urban Stable, who specializes in assisting teams and individuals to overcome barriers, build confidence and strengthen connections to their education, organizations, and community through working with horses.

Hayley is a certified Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association (CanTRA) Senior Instructor, Equestrian Canada Instructor of Beginners and CanTRA instructor mentor. Hayley joined the Urban Stable team in 2014 and has over fourteen years’ experience in the therapeutic riding and equine facilitated learning industry,

Growing up in a village in leafy Surrey, UK, Hayley developed a deep passion for charitable work in her youth and from her experience participating in horse riding activities she quickly discovered the strategic and life-changing benefits interacting with horses can bring. It is from this experience, Hayley believes in the growth, trust, connection, and personal discovery that individuals can gain from equine experiential learning activities.

Now living under the vast and spectacular prairie skies in Winnipeg, MB, Hayley is inspired from these experiences and helps teams, peers, and individuals to recognize their unique capabilities through mentorship and leadership development. Hayley enjoys watching the connection participants make with their horses and enjoys celebrating in their growth and personal success.

Hayley has worked in all areas of the organization and emanates the heart of Urban Stable. It is her continuous enthusiasm and passionate belief in people that inspires them to become prouder, stronger, and more valuable contributors to their school, organizations, and community.

Carla – Head Instructor

Carla Bergen, our Head Instructor, is a certified Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association (CanTRA) Senior Instructor and Equestrian Canada Instructor of Beginners who is dedicated to helping people make meaningful connections with horses. Whether she is coaching students through work on the ground or in the saddle, building a partnership with the horse based on trust is her main focus. From this trusting partnership, Carla helps students understand the lessons their 4-legged teachers are offering, from lessons that are personal, social and emotional to lessons that are technical skills in riding and horsemanship.

With a diverse background in the horse industry Carla began working at Urban Stable in 2014 and loves watching the magic of the connection between participants and their horses, the growth participants demonstrate through their time in our programs, and the pride and confidence participants show when they share their growth and skills with their families, communities and team members.

Carla believes that the horse can teach us things about ourselves that no one else can and feels privileged to be able to create space for this learning.

“Horses teach us to ask without aggression, how to love without condition, and how to avoid the destructive side of perfection.” – Dominique Barbier

Sandi – Assistant Instructor

Sandi joined the Urban Stable team in fall 2021 as Assistant Instructor and back-up Program Driver.
Full biography to come.