Hear what our students and their parents have to say about Urban Stable.

View the video below to hear a former Urban Stable student share what the program has done for her and how it helped her transition to high school.

What students are saying…

“I enjoy participating in this program because I get to bond with many people and animals. I also get to learn more about horses. I learned to focus more on what I’m doing instead of what others are doing. My horse taught me to be more aware of my surroundings and how others respond to my actions.”

“I love riding horses and taking care of them and making new friends. I learned I have lots of confidence and I’m not afraid to speak. My horse taught me not to be scared and to be happy.”

What parents are saying…

“My daughter had absolutely LOVED coming every week! She especially loved being a team leader! Her confidence has increased heaps and bounds! She is far more willing to try new things with confidence! Your staff is incredible, my daughter was always telling us how she loved everyone here… very supportive and understanding. This has been an incredible experience for my daughter.”

“My son is more patient and calms faster when he is angry. I am most proud of his control, how happy he is and how well he is engaging with the other kids. I think the program has a positive influence on kids and helps them learn to balance their emotions while having great time learning.”

What schools staff are saying…

“I very much appreciated the closing exercises- to see the student shine with such confidence! PRIDE! AWSOME!”

“Your program has made transitioning to high school better for so many of my students over the years. Thank you.”