Amanda’s Life Lit Up!

Kid brushing horse

Boundaries are a way we teach others how to love us.

Meet Amanda*, an Urban Stable student who struggles with anxiety, whose horse Brownie taught her an invaluable lesson in setting boundaries, personal strength and healthy relationship building. 

In Amanda’s second week attending Urban Stable she learned how to build her relationship with her horse through grooming. While Amanda was trying to groom however, Brownie was fidgety and kept moving around. Amanda needed to find the courage to set boundaries with Brownie so she could let Brownie know where to stand. 

Hesitatingly at first, and then with growing assertiveness, Amanda learned to ask Brownie to move over to where Amanda wanted Brownie to stand. In this way Amanda set clear, healthy boundaries in her relationship with Brownie, and Brownie responded by immediately settling into grooming with no more fidgeting. 

This seemingly simple act completely changed the relationship between Brownie and Amanda. The moment Amanda effectively set her boundaries both Brownie and Amanda began to trust each other more. Amanda discovered the power she has to stand up for what is important to her, and Brownie felt more comfortable knowing exactly what Amanda expected.   

With Brownie, Amanda learned what it means to respectfully set healthy boundaries in a relationship. Amanda experienced the mental, emotional and physical benefits of setting good boundaries and how this can in turn reduce anxiety and build trust. 

This invaluable experience and lesson from her horse is lighting up Amanda’s life, giving her a bright path ahead. 

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*Name and picture changed for privacy