Anna and May

Person Riding Horse

“I ride the horse May. I like her because when we ride we’re really in sync and she follows my directions. May is energetic and sometimes moves around a lot when I groom her, but when we are in the arena she’s in the zone and follows my directions. We are a great team. She has taught me how to be a good leader to someone else and how to make my directions clear.” – Anna

This is Anna’s second year in the Alumni Program where she is riding and working with her horse, May, more independently. Anna has risen to the challenge of being more independent with her horse and has made valuable connections about how she can use the lessons May teaches her at school and at home. 

May has been an incredible teacher helping Anna gain confidence in herself and her abilities, so much so that Anna now feels confident to be a strong leader to her 1000 lbs horse. Not only has May taught Anna to be a confident leader, May has also given Anna important skills, like clear communication, so they can work smoothly as a team.

Way to go Anna and May! To help more student’s like Anna unbridle their potential donate today with #GivingChallengeCA.