It’s that time of year and we are hearing about back-to-school everywhere. This year the back-to-school themes are different than usual and the excitement in the air also hints of anxiety above and beyond the usual anxiety of changing schools, starting a new grade and meeting new people. 

Back-to-school holds a lot of different emotions for students at the best of times and I think we can all agree we are not currently in the ‘best of times’. Urban Stable was created to support students who are not experiencing the best of times, students who are struggling with school or staying connected to their education, students having feelings of anxiety or depression, those who are struggling to make friends and connect with their communities, or those who have a hard time finding value, confidence and a sense of peace in themselves, as well as many other struggles our students face daily. This is why Urban Stable began and we are ready to continue our mission helping students find personal success through hands-on learning experiences with horses in these challenging times. 

So as you hear about back-to-school and the new challenges that brings this year, keep our students in your thoughts and hearts and help Urban Stable support our students in these uncertain times. Help give our students confidence and hope in themselves and in their communities, ease their anxieties and help them find strength and personal success. You can do this by telling your friends, family and co-workers about Urban Stable or sharing our newsletter with them, keeping an eye open for upcoming fundraisers, liking and sharing us on Facebook and social media and of course by donating