Brent’s Story…

Today I want to introduce you to Brent (who’s name and pictures have been changed to protect his privacy). Brent has a big heart and great ideas. He is warm, caring and enjoys helping others. Brent’s lack of confidence however, kept his voice silent, so he could not share his great ideas, and it stole his courage to share his big heart. Brent felt unable to step out and be part of activities or take on new challenges.

Happily this is only the beginning of Brent’s story. Your support has changed Brent’s life. Your support gave Brent the chance to participate in Urban Stable where he built relationships with his horse and his Urban Stable teammates. Your support gave Brent a place where he felt safe to begin sharing his great ideas and his big heart.

At Urban Stable Brent’s confidence grew and grew. He began initiating, taking on new challenges with his horse and teammates and he began developing leadership skills. Because of your support Brent’s confidence grew so much that he found the courage to be a leader at school. He now leads a sports team for younger students where he uses his new found leadership skills and shares his warm and caring nature with the team he leads. Brent’s confidence grew so much that he is able to share the story of his experience at Urban Stable with others.

You made this life changing work happen. You allowed Brent the opportunity to meet his horse who helped him build self-esteem, confidence and leadership. The skills Urban Stable students like Brent learn from their horse today will make them tomorrow’s leaders.

Help more students like Brent find their confidence so they can share their voice and hearts with others. Donate today. Help Urban Stable raise $4000 this holiday season.