Breed: Percheron/Quarter Horse/Thoroughbred 
Born: 2010 
Gender: Mare 
Colour: Bay 
Height: 16hh 
Nicknames: Miss B., Brownie-kins 
Resume: trail rides, lessons, groundwork and obstacles 
Brownie teaches us that things are not always as they seem from the outside. One might assume that with her big body and presence Brownie would have the confidence to go with it, but she does best with someone to take the leader role with confident, assertive energy. She is also very sensitive even though she is large. Her rider’s assertive energy only needs to be a clear thought, a breath, and maybe a touch of the reins to guide her. 

Brownie excels at teaching leadership as she lacks confidence and needs a strong leader to help her feel good about the task she needs to do. Being such a large and gentle horse Brownie is also great at building confidence in students. As students build a relationship with Brownie and learn to be a leader to such a large animal, their confidence soars. If they can accomplish leadership with Brownie, what can’t they do?