Caleb’s Life Lit Up

Student and Horse

At Urban Stable, lives, like Caleb’s*, are lit up everyday. 

Meet Caleb, a quiet, hesitant student at Urban Stable. Caleb struggles with confidence and self-esteem and is reluctant to be seen and to speak out. Caleb instinctively retreats into himself when he feels uncomfortable.
Each week at the barn, Caleb gained trust in his relationship with his horse, Caspian, and in his knowledge and abilities. He absolutely loves grooming Caspian and being in his presence. Caleb takes pleasure in meticulously combing out Caspian’s long, beautiful mane. Caspian also enjoys Caleb’s calm, quiet energy.
At first, Caleb was quite nervous and tentative when he began learning how to pick Caspian’s hooves. However, after he got the hang of it once, he went to it like he’d been doing it forever. He found confidence in himself as well as pride in his accomplishments. Speaking up is still challenging for Caleb, but he is finding it easier to answer questions and share ideas as he grows more comfortable with himself and with his new friends.       

Imagine the amazing things Caleb can accomplish with his newfound belief in himself. Every dollar you donate to Urban Stable will help Light Up A Life like Caleb’s. This holiday season give youth the opportunity to attend Urban Stable’s engaging equine assisted learning programs. More beautiful than the holiday lights is a life that is lit up! 

*Name and picture changed for privacy