Thank You for Lighting Up Lives

Youth and Horse

Our students sure are lucky to have you behind them!

You made the holidays bright by Lighting Up Lives! Your generosity and open heart create bright paths ahead for the youth we serve.

Thank You!

What a great way to start off the year knowing the powerful, life-changing impact you have on the lives of youth who are facing barriers and adversity in your community. 

We are so grateful for your support and are looking forward to a very happy and bright new year, made possible by you!

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

And Happy New Year from all of us at Urban Stable!

Last Chance to Donate for 2022!

Youth And Horses

Time’s a ticking and the countdown to the new year has begun.

Don’t miss your chance to Light Up A Life this year and get a 2022 charitable tax receipt. 

It’s not too late! 

Give by midnight tonight and Light Up A Life.

Plus, this season Urban Stable has a matching donor. Your gift to Urban Stable will be matched up to $5000! With this matching donation your generous donation will be doubled! So, if you donate $25 your donation becomes $50! If you donate $150 your donation becomes $300! 

Give by midnight tonight and brighten up your own life come tax time with a charitable tax receipt.

Your generous gift this year will continue to make an impact in youth lives like Caleb‘s, Kristy‘s and Esau’s for a lifetime.

So what are you waiting for? Donate Today!

See how giving charitably might pay off for you! 

We’re Looking for Horse Handler Volunteers

Volunteer as a Horse Handler!

Be part of a fun, positive environment working with youth and horses helping youth unbridle their potential.

Urban Stable empowers youth to engage in their education and community and achieve personal success through hands-on learning with horses.

Horse Handler Requirements:

  • Horse experience required
  • Adult volunteers (18 years+)
  • Available during the day on a weekday (Tues., Wed., or Thurs.) starting February 2023
  • Able to transport self to program (located 15 minutes North of perimeter on Highway 7)
  • Able to walk in sand and on uneven ground for 45mins – 1 hour
  • Experience working with youth an asset
  • Able to attend Volunteer Orientation on Tues. Jan. 24, 1-2pm, and Training Feb. 1 and 2, 2023 10:00am-12:30pm

We are a Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association (CanTRA) accredited centre and provide full training and support to all volunteers from advanced beginners to experienced. To learn more about this opportunity or to apply contact
Note: Volunteers are subject to a criminal record check and child abuse registry check

Become an Urban Stable Board Member

Youth and Horse

Do you want to make a difference for at risk youth in your community? Are you interested in being part of a unique organization delivering equine facilitated learning programs to youth, benefiting their social and emotional growth?  

Urban Stable serves youth in our community from grades 5-12 who are facing obstacles, adversity, and struggling at school.

We provide four unique Equine Facilitated Learning Programs (school program, alumni program, summer camp, Leaders in Training program), that help facilitate social wellbeing for our students and encourage them to develop new skills and relationships they can use at school and at home.

We currently partner with many schools across several School Divisions and community organizations. Over the past 20+ years Urban Stable has served the needs of 700+ youth and is well positioned for growth.

We are currently seeking 2 people to join our dynamic volunteer Board of Directors with experience in ONE or more of the following areas:

  • Human Resources and Policies
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Accounting: CA/CPA designation
  • Fundraising – individual donations, major gifts, grant writing
  • Event planning and sponsorship
  • Website design and management
  • IT Governance

As a member of our board, you will have opportunities to:

  • Be part of a dedicated and passionate team of board members, volunteers and staff working together to make a difference for youth in our community
  • Use your skills to contribute to decision making, governance, strategic planning, marketing, financial management, etc.
  • Broaden your professional and personal networks
  • Learn more about equine assisted learning and its benefits

Type of Position:  Volunteer
Requirement:  4-6 hours/month with majority of Board and committee meetings held virtually
Duration:  Board members are elected for a two-year team (with opportunity to renew for an additional term)
Experience: Previous board experience desired but not necessary. No horse experience needed.
Location of Opportunity: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Note: Board members are subject to a criminal record check and child abuse registry check

If this opportunity interests you, please include the following in your application:

  • Brief resume
  • Brief letter of interest highlighting how you can contribute to the board

Inquiries and applications can be sent to: 

For more information, please visit Urban Stable on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or

Happy Holidays!

Collage Of Students and Horses

“The holiday season is a perfect time to reflect on our blessings and seek out ways to make life better for those around us.”  – Terri Marshall

Happy Holidays! We hope your holiday is merry and bright!

Spread that brightness and the magic of the holidays by brightening other lives and Light Up A Life with Urban Stable. You can make a dramatic difference in the lives of youth facing obstacles and adversity in your community. Students attending Urban Stable’s experiential learning programs with horses learn life skills that will give them a glowing future. With your help we can change the world, unbridling unlimited potential.     

After all, more beautiful than the holiday lights is a life that is lit up!

Wishing you a very happy holiday from all of us at Urban Stable!

Esau’s Life Lit Up!

Student and Horse

Esau is a compassionate and empathetic Urban Stable pupil. They struggle with anxiety and being assertive. Esau finds it difficult at times to insist upon asking for what they want and need.

Esau loves animals and feels very connected to them. They spend a lot of time paying attention to the things their horse, Ms. Piffles, likes, and dislikes. They are great at showing love in order to build strong relationships. They are always watching to find that special spot where Piff prefers to be scratched or stroked. Piff adores this care and understanding shown from her friend Esau.

When it came to hoof picking, Esau was faced with a challenge. They were so used to loving on their horse, and checking in with what Piff needed, that they weren’t sure how to ask a very relaxed Piff to pick up her hoof. Piff did not respond to Esau’s request to lift her hoof immediately, so Esau had to dig deep and find their inner power to ask Piff kindly, but firmly, for what they needed her to do.

Esau reached a new level in their relationship with Ms. Piffles that day. They learned that giving in their relationship with Piff is wonderful, but they need to be assertive and firmly ask for what they need as well. Esau realized that their own needs and wants are also important enough to pay attention to and follow through on.

Give the gift of assertiveness to more youth like Esau, and help develop the next generation of self-assured, confident leaders. Make this holiday a happy one when you Light Up A Life at Urban Stable. With your selfless contribution, we can maximize our impact on today’s youth and create a better world for our future. Let’s decorate the season with the glow of all the lives lit up through Urban Stable’s unique experiential discovery program. Donate today!

*Name and picture changed for privacy  

Kristy’s Life Lit Up!

Youth and Horse

Kristy is a sensitive, energetic student at Urban Stable. She struggles with independence and emotion control and reacts to stress by shutting down. This can make communication difficult during those moments.

Kristy was very excited to come to Urban Stable and meet the horses. She selected May to be her horse as she felt they connected the most. May likes to stay active and is highly conscious of her human’s energy, responding to anxiety by not standing still.

When Kristy was asked why she chose May, she replied that it was because her and May were similar, they both like to move around. Kristy was told by her instructor that sometimes we are drawn to the horse that is a lot like us, and that means we have to work hard because both us and our horse experience the same challenges.

Kristy stepped up to the plate, respecting May’s energy, recognizing her own energy, and keeping her body language calm. May even started falling asleep during grooming sessions with Kristy; this is a wonderful achievement as May rarely feels relaxed enough, with her need to fidget, to have a nap while being groomed.

Help more youth develop self-awareness like Kristy by donating today. Because of generous supporters like you, her life is being lit up and her path ahead is bright. Celebrate the season with Urban Stable by gifting youth facing obstacles and adversity the life skills they need to flourish, by participating in hands-on learning experiences with horses. Donate today and Light Up A Life!

*Name and picture changed for privacy       


Caleb’s Life Lit Up

Student and Horse

At Urban Stable, lives, like Caleb’s*, are lit up everyday. 

Meet Caleb, a quiet, hesitant student at Urban Stable. Caleb struggles with confidence and self-esteem and is reluctant to be seen and to speak out. Caleb instinctively retreats into himself when he feels uncomfortable.
Each week at the barn, Caleb gained trust in his relationship with his horse, Caspian, and in his knowledge and abilities. He absolutely loves grooming Caspian and being in his presence. Caleb takes pleasure in meticulously combing out Caspian’s long, beautiful mane. Caspian also enjoys Caleb’s calm, quiet energy.
At first, Caleb was quite nervous and tentative when he began learning how to pick Caspian’s hooves. However, after he got the hang of it once, he went to it like he’d been doing it forever. He found confidence in himself as well as pride in his accomplishments. Speaking up is still challenging for Caleb, but he is finding it easier to answer questions and share ideas as he grows more comfortable with himself and with his new friends.       

Imagine the amazing things Caleb can accomplish with his newfound belief in himself. Every dollar you donate to Urban Stable will help Light Up A Life like Caleb’s. This holiday season give youth the opportunity to attend Urban Stable’s engaging equine assisted learning programs. More beautiful than the holiday lights is a life that is lit up! 

*Name and picture changed for privacy

‘All Together’ – Benefit Concert

Concert Banner
We are thrilled to be chosen as the charity of choice for the Margaret’s Choir benefit concert, All Together. 

Join us this holiday season, December 4, for choral music that promotes personal, choral and global harmony. This community choir does it all!

What you need to know:
  • Margaret’s Choir – All Together benefit concert for Urban Stable
  • Sunday, December 4, 2:30pm
  • Prairie Spirit United Church, 207 Thompson Drive, Winnipeg
  • Featuring Musical Guest Anne-Marie Williot with Ian Cherry
  • General admission: $20
  • Youth under 18: $10
A great way to ring in the holiday season! Bring the music lovers in your life and get your tickets today!

Thank You JumpStart!

Youth Riding A Horse

We are excited to share that we have been selected to receive a Community Development Grant from Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities. 

With Jumpstart’s support, we’ll be able to welcome more youth to our life-changing equine experiential learning programs, where youth can unbridle their potential. 

We want youth, no matter the barriers they face, to have the opportunity for growth, connection, and impactful learning experiences at Urban Stable, where they can connect with the horses, themselves, their education, peers, and communities. Funding from JumpStart helps make that possible. 

Thank you JumpStart!