Check Out Our New Office Space

We are very excited to announce that after many years of waiting and invading our Executive Director’s house, Urban Stable now has an office to call home at 308-421 Mulvey Ave. East, Winnipeg!

Our new office is amazing and Assiniboine Credit Union has awarded us a grant of $5000 to put towards computer upgrades and office equipment so our new office can run smoothly and efficiently. Thank you Assiniboine Credit Union! Your generosity is appreciated more than you know!

Once the office is fully set up we will be hosting an open house/office warming party and you are invited! Stay tuned for more information.

Setting up an office is a huge step forward for Urban Stable and a dream come true. Our new office gives us:

A Publicly Accessible Location – you can visit us in our office, we can have staff and board meetings, trainings and workshops, and have space for all our staff to work in one place.

Increased Visibility and Opportunities for Networking – while working out of our Executive Director’s home was cozy it was a pretty anonymous existence; now Urban Stable has a sign up for everyone to see and we are meeting new people and making new and exciting connections in our community and office building. In fact it was in our new office that we met the owner of Chaeban Ice Cream. Read more about how Urban Stable and Chaeban Ice Cream teamed up in this newsletter.

Space – Our Executive Director and her family can have their house back and the ever growing Urban Stable family has a place to call home, to meet in, work in, and keep our administrative tasks and documents organised.

Thank you to our Executive Director and her family who stored 17 years of Urban Stable paperwork in their house and gave up their dining room table to host Urban Stable staff, board members and volunteers for so many years.