Check Out Our New Ride

Van with person and horse

It has come time to retire our old program vehicle after many years of reliable, safe transportation of our students, with help from long time supporter and generous mechanic Brent McLellan.

We have been on the hunt for a new, reliable vehicle to get our students to and from the stable. We are happy to say that we have found a beautiful, like new, 2017 Dodge Caravan that suits us perfectly!

We are very excited about our new wheels and so grateful to everyone who pitched in to make this new vehicle a reality. Thank you to Kim Robinson, one of our new board members, with assistance from her husband and friends, for connecting us with the Auto Gallery of Winnipeg and putting in the time and effort to find this new vehicle. Thank you to Dan Gagnon and his team at the Auto Gallery of Winnipeg whose generosity in supporting local charities, like Urban Stable, made this vehicle deal possible. Thank you again to Brent McLellan who did the final check over of the mechanics of the vehicle to make sure it was the right choice to keep us rolling for years to come. Thank you to The Thomas Sill Foundation for awarding us a grant specifically for our new vehicle. And thank you to a number of anonymous donors who ended up matching the grant we received, which helped allow us to purchase such a high quality vehicle.

In this one story of finding the right vehicle you can see how much a community comes together to make a difference. It is amazing and wonderful to see the many layers of collaborative support, dedication, and generosity it takes, that is graciously offered, to make Urban Stable and our mission to unbridle youth potential possible. 

Thank you everyone! See you on the road!