Breed: Tennessee Walker 
Born: 2001 
Gender: Mare 
Colour: Black 
Height: 14.1hh 
Nicknames: China-bell, China-doll 
Resume: trail rides, lessons, ranch work, moving cattle 
China loves attention and tail scratches. She doesn’t believe in dawdling, is the first to meet you in the pasture, and she loves to be on the go. As a Tennesee Walker she is gaited, which means she doesn’t just have the usual horse gaits of walk, trot, canter and gallop; she also has a flat walk and a running walk which are smooth and rhythmical – like riding a wave. China loves playing games, especially team penning, where her skills at herding cattle come in handy. 

China is great at teaching students about relationships and how to be a good friend. She loves building friendships and isn’t shy about telling you that she believes a good friend is generous with giving tail scratches.