Congrats to 2023 MHC Award Winners!

Pictures of MHC award winners

We are celebrating two Manitoba Horse Council (MHC) 2023 Awards!

Congratulations to our horse May for winning 2023 MHC Non-Sport Horse of the Year! Some of May’s students wrote in to support her nomination, letting everyone know what a difference May makes to so many. Here is one of the student nominations for May:

  1. My favourite thing about May is her hair, her speed, and she is so calm.
  2. May has taught me that she needs to move and that she loves being groomed.
  3. One way I relate to May is that we both need to move a lot, more than a lot of people.
  4. When I spend time with May I feel calm, happy, focused, very good, excited, and a strong bond.   

You can learn more about our very own a-MAY-zing May here

Also a huge congratulations to Stonehurst Stable, our program home, for winning 2023 MHC Equine Facility of the Year! Such a well deserved honour. Congratulations to Tristan Caswell, facility owner, and to the whole Stonehurst family. We are so glad to have such a safe and tranquil home to host our programs.