Creative Programming

In the spring when we shut down, we were able to develop and deliver some Urban Stable themed activity booklets to the youth in our program to continue with their engagement and keep them connected to the learnings of the program. This was well received by the students and the schools and gave us insight into how we could potentially deliver aspects of the program virtually. 

The schools recognize the ongoing need for Urban Stable to support their students, especially given the heightened anxiety, changes to routine and difficulties that COVID-19 has created.  They are committed to continuing with the program in ways that are safe to do so, and we have revised our program schedule and procedures to adhere to the strictest health and safety protocols.

We are grateful for the ongoing partnerships with the school divisions we work in, and the opportunity to get creative in how we offer the Urban Stable program to our students this year. We are connecting with students in-person at the barn when restrictions allow, and connecting with students virtually when in-person meetings are not possible. 

When meeting in-person, which is currently restricted, we have reduced our class size to 2 students per class from the same school cohort to limit contacts and ensure our ability to follow health guidelines. We are all wearing masks, washing and sanitizing our hands, disinfecting equipment and high touch surfaces and through it all having a great time learning, connecting and growing with the help of our faithful horses. 

In our virtual lessons we meet with students using online platforms that allow us to share instructional videos we have created, discuss horse topics and learn the skills students will be using when they work with their horses, such as horse safety, grooming, tacking, mounting, dismounting, and more. It also allows us to develop a relationship and sense of community and connection with our students, and help them build a relationship with their horses even when we have to be apart.  

Our message to our students has always been that we are here to support them. When they are struggling, celebrating, confident or uncertain, we are here to help. Our students need this support more than ever and we are so glad to have access to creative ways to offer connection and support to them at Urban Stable, helping them to continue unbridling their potential.