Donations, Equipment, & More:  Jake and Lynn Davidson 

Horse with saddle and kid

Jake and Lynn Davidson have loved horses for as long as they can remember and have made a life with horses at the heart of it. Their love for horses drew them to support Urban Stable in a number of creative ways. They have supported Urban Stable by donating tack and equipment, through monetary donations, and by sharing their knowledge and expertise. 

Jake and Lynn got connected with Urban Stable as they were cleaning out their own barn and sorting through the equipment they had collected over the years. They contacted us to see if any of their equipment would be useful to our horses and program. They generously donated a number of good quality tack and horse care items that we really appreciate.  

They have also helped us out with their knowledge, expertise, and connections. Jake has worked in the livestock nutrition industry for years and has assisted us in making sure our horses are getting what they need. He also connected us with businesses that have donated the feed required. So not only are they giving us their expertise, they are spreading the word about Urban Stable and what we do. 

Another way Jake and Lynn have supported the youth in our programs is by purchasing tickets for some of the youth to attend our annual Bud and Spud fundraiser. 

There are so many creative and impactful ways to give, as Jake and Lynn have demonstrated so well through all their generosity. Get inspired by Jake and Lynn and support creatively with equipment donations, expertise, or sharing about Urban Stable. Or come up with your own creative way to give!