Eliah’s Life Lit Up

Girl lifting horse's foot

Meet Eliah*, an Urban Stable student who loves her horse, Ms. Piffles, but really struggles with self-confidence. Though Eliah is petite and her horse is 1000 lbs., Eliah was determined to learn to pick out her horse’s hooves.

Eliah watched the demonstration of how to ask Ms. Piffles to lift her foot, how she should hold and support the foot, and how to pick hard mud and dirt out. This task requires not only physical strength, but courage, assertiveness, and a strong belief in yourself that you can do it.

Even though she was scared and you could see Eliah’s legs shaking from nervousness and anxiety, when it was her turn to try, without hesitation, she dove straight into picking Ms. Piffles’ feet with determination. This took a lot of bravery, as well as mental and physical strength. 

And Eliah was successful! She accomplished this difficult task in front of her and you could see the immense pride she felt in her achievement. (You might even say, her confidence grew three sizes that day.)

Eliah walked out of the barn that day with a palpable confidence. She realized that if she can succeed at this difficult task, what difficult task can’t she do? 

Imagine the amazing things Eliah can accomplish with her new found confidence. Because of generous supporters like you, her life is being lit up and her path ahead is bright. 

Light Up A Life like Eliah’s this holiday season and help create a bright path ahead for more youth. After all, more beautiful than the holiday lights is a life that is lit up. 

*Name and picture changed for privacy