Carla – Head Instructor

Carla Bergen, our Head Instructor, is a certified Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association (CanTRA) Senior Instructor and Equestrian Canada Instructor of Beginners who is dedicated to helping people make meaningful connections with horses. Whether she is coaching students through work on the ground or in the saddle, building a partnership with the horse based on trust is her main focus. From this trusting partnership, Carla helps students understand the lessons their 4-legged teachers are offering, from lessons that are personal, social and emotional to lessons that are technical skills in riding and horsemanship.

With a diverse background in the horse industry Carla began working at Urban Stable in 2014 and loves watching the magic of the connection between participants and their horses, the growth participants demonstrate through their time in our programs, and the pride and confidence participants show when they share their growth and skills with their families, communities and team members.

Carla believes that the horse can teach us things about ourselves that no one else can and feels privileged to be able to create space for this learning.

“Horses teach us to ask without aggression, how to love without condition, and how to avoid the destructive side of perfection.” – Dominique Barbier