Tavia – Program Director

Tavia’s story with horses began when she was a child who wanted to spend every spare minute at the barn. The time spent with horses throughout her childhood (and beyond) helped her grow in confidence and compassion and provided her a refuge during the ups and downs of life.

Tavia first joined the team in 2017 as Assistant Instructor and Driver. After a few years away, she returned to Urban Stable in September 2023 as Program Director. In addition to experience in horse training, barn management, and coaching riding lessons, Tavia is a certified CanTRA Intermediate Instructor and a Registered Social Worker with a Master of Social Work. She is delighted to bring these skillsets together in her role at Urban Stable.

Tavia appreciates that Urban Stable opens the door to horses for young people who might otherwise never have the chance to spend time with a horse. She finds it rewarding to see students progress in skills, ease and confidence as they return each week and to witness the joy they experience so fully with the horses in the program. Tavia is honoured to be part of the Urban Stable team.