Esau’s Life Lit Up!

Student and Horse

Esau is a compassionate and empathetic Urban Stable pupil. They struggle with anxiety and being assertive. Esau finds it difficult at times to insist upon asking for what they want and need.

Esau loves animals and feels very connected to them. They spend a lot of time paying attention to the things their horse, Ms. Piffles, likes, and dislikes. They are great at showing love in order to build strong relationships. They are always watching to find that special spot where Piff prefers to be scratched or stroked. Piff adores this care and understanding shown from her friend Esau.

When it came to hoof picking, Esau was faced with a challenge. They were so used to loving on their horse, and checking in with what Piff needed, that they weren’t sure how to ask a very relaxed Piff to pick up her hoof. Piff did not respond to Esau’s request to lift her hoof immediately, so Esau had to dig deep and find their inner power to ask Piff kindly, but firmly, for what they needed her to do.

Esau reached a new level in their relationship with Ms. Piffles that day. They learned that giving in their relationship with Piff is wonderful, but they need to be assertive and firmly ask for what they need as well. Esau realized that their own needs and wants are also important enough to pay attention to and follow through on.

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