Fall Programming Kick-Off!

Youth and horse

A brand new school year is officially underway and we are having a blast welcoming our friends, old and new, into the peaceful atmosphere of the barn as our fall programs begin.

Our horses (the real teachers) are ready to teach their students the essential skills that allow their students to thrive. Empathy, self-regulation, patience, kindness, confidence, and relationship building are just a few of the areas of expertise our horses excel in teaching their human friends about. The horses’ safe, non-judgemental presence brings out the best in their two-legged companions. Who wouldn’t want a teacher who whinnies and sees you for who you really are?

As the students learn how to groom and bond with their horses, they learn about friendship, developing trust, and self-esteem. Playing games that put into practice themes like boundaries, consent, and partnership with their equine teammates, the students are able to connect the dots between these important topics and their daily life. Teamwork makes it all possible! Yay to the incredible ability our horses have to draw out these amazing qualities in each one of their students! Let’s continue unbridling all the youth potential we can this year!