From Fear to a Leader

Youth mounting horse

Horses are large animals that for some, can certainly be scary at first glance. This was the case for Baja*, a student who when first coming to Urban Stable was very nervous around the horses. 
Starting out with groundwork, learning to groom, tack, and communicate with her horse, Caspian, Baja got comfortable around her horse and even started to understand how Caspian communicated with her. 
Through the program Baja overcame her fear, became a strong leader for Caspian and was able to lead him around the arena with ease. She worked hard on her ability to focus and recognize the body language and energy she needed to be an effective leader to her horse. 
After a lot of hard work developing trust, understanding and leadership skills, Baja was courageous enough to saddle and ride Caspian! Something she thought was far too scary to do when starting the program.

Now Baja is able to remain calm and be a good teammate and leader to her horse, overcoming her anxiety and fear.
This June, help more students like Baja overcome their fear and anxiety by donating to Urban Stable.

*Name and picture changed for privacy