Gift Guide

Horse and student wearing Santa hats

Light Up A life

More beautiful than holiday lights is a life that has been lit up

Find something meaningful for everyone on your list this holiday season with gifts that give back!

These gifts represent tangible ways Urban Stable is making a difference. Dedicate your gift to a loved one, or choose something for yourself, and make an impact today. Click on the image to place your order. When your order is complete you can choose to send an e-card. 


Sponsor a Horse

$1,250- $9,000

One horse touches the lives of countless people over the course of one year, bringing hope, growth, learning, and connection to our students and their families.


Horse Dental


Don’t let our horses get long in the tooth! Sponsor an annual dental health checkup and teeth float for a horse.


Bale of Hay


Our horses LOVE hay! Fill their table (or feeder) with their favourite dish to give them energy to do their job of unbridling youth  potential.
Or $25 feeds a horse for a day.

Horse Vaccinations


Keep a horse healthy with annual vaccinations and a veterinary wellness exam.



The old saying, “No hoof, no horse,” is true. Give the gift of happy hooves with a farrier trim and hoof  health checkup. 

Horse Massage


Keep a horse’s back fit and supple so they can continue to change lives with a therapeutic equine massage. 

Sponsor a Student

$1,400 – $5,600

Urban Stable looks to enrich young learners by engaging and empowering them to face life’s challenges in a safe, caring, and supportive environment that provides the opportunity for youth to unbridle their potential. 



Light up a life by giving the gift of transportation. Allow students to get from their school to the barn and back, by putting a whole day’s worth of fuel in our vehicle.

Winter Riding Boots


Keep students toes toasty warm with the gift of much needed insulated winter riding boots. 

Riding Apparel


This gift provides riding apparel for the students to be safe and warm, such as long riding pants, helmet covers to protect their ears from the cold, riding gloves and more.

Student Grooming Horse

Riding Helmet


This gift provides a safe ride for our students like Phoenix, who developed self awareness and assurance from participating in our programs.  

Gift of Hope

Finding it hard to choose which gift to select? Give the gift that does it all. A gift of hope will be used where it is needed most.
Through this gift you are bringing opportunities to youth like Anders, who wants to become a veterinary technician. At Urban Stable he found a secure place to learn and develop essential communication skills.    

Thank you for choosing gifts that give back. We could not do this life changing work without your generous giving and support.

Light Up A Life today by sending youth to Urban Stable where they can unbridle their potential, creating a bright path ahead. 


We cannot do this life changing work alone. We are thankful for the strong partnerships with donors, supporters and organizations who make this work possible. This gift guide illustrates the difference your gift can make. Supporting our program horses and students you are a part of this change. If some gifts receive donations that exceed cost Urban Stable will use these contributions in areas where they are needed most.