Leave a Legacy

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Leave a Legacy with Urban Stable!

There are many reasons to consider leaving a legacy gift. It is a great way to ensure your memory lives on. It is also a way to acknowledge Urban Stable, the impact it has made in your life, the lives of those who are important to you, and those in your communities. A legacy gift will help continue Urban Stable’s important work. Plus, there are financial benefits.


Bequests or leaving a gift in your will is a simple and thoughtful way to leave a personal legacy, representing your life and values. Whether it is a set dollar amount or a percentage of your estate, a bequest in your will to Urban Stable allows you to help unbridle youth potential for years to come. Making a bequest is simple. If you have already prepared your will, you can update it with a Codicil, a supplementary paragraph added to the existing will, describing your gift intentions.

If you have not yet prepared a will, this is a good time to think about your estate planning. This is an important first step to ensure that your intentions for your estate are documented and that your family and loved ones will be properly taken care of. It is important you consult with a professional when drafting your will. The information provided here is general in nature. It is important that our supporters seek independent counsel before making a planned gift.

Endowment Funds

Endowment funds leave a legacy by supporting Urban Stable now and in the future. Endowment funds are an investment fund established by a foundation that makes consistent withdrawals from invested capital, providing funds for Urban Stable in perpetuity.

Endowment funds are typically funded entirely by donations that are deductible for the donors, providing tax advantages now. Funds are invested for growth for a period of time and then the income from the principal is used by Urban Stable to help support the efficient running of our programs. Add a gift to the Walter and Joan Werner Memorial Fund that has been created for Urban Stable or establish your own endowment fund for Urban Stable.

Walter and Joan Werner Memorial Fund

Lloyd Jensen and Sue Werner established the Walter and Joan Werner Memorial Fund in memory of Sue’s parents. Lloyd and Sue have a passion for supporting youth and programs that help youth reach their full potential. They wanted to honour Walter and Joan with a fund that would provide support for youth for generations to come.

Your gift to this fund will be pooled and invested, with the generated income distributed annually as grants to Urban Stable, to support our mission. As the original gift remains invested, your contribution will continue to benefit youth in your communities in perpetuity.

Contribute to the Walter and Joan Werner Memorial Fund here or create your own endowment fund.

For more information on endowment funds, we suggest contacting The Winnipeg Foundation. Their website is packed with helpful information and you can schedule a consultation with one of The Foundation’s knowledgeable Donor Service Specialist Advisers.

Leave a Legacy – What will be yours?