Where Your Support Goes

Every dollar we receive through donations counts towards helping youth participate in our programs

Donations can be directed towards program costs or operational costs.

Program Costs include:

  • Horse care
  • Facility fees
  • Transportation (program vehicle insurance, fuel, mechanical and cleaning maintenance)
  • Program staff wages (our Program Director and Head Instructor facilitate all programming and classes with the assistance of three to four trained volunteer horse handlers who work one-on-one with each student and horse)
  • Horse and rider equipment (saddles, bridles, helmets, gloves etc.)
  • Other program supplies (healthy snacks, photos etc.)

Operational Costs include:

  • CanTRA insurance
  • Training and certification for staff & volunteers
  • Office supplies (mostly provided in kind)
  • Legal fees to file annual returns
  • Annual website fees and communication
  • Administrative staff wages

We also receive thousands of hours in volunteer time each year. Our volunteers ensure all aspects of our organization operate to the highest standards and work together to deliver our complete program.

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