Giving Tuesday – Suki’s Story

Today, Tuesday November 28th 2017, is Giving Tuesday!

At Urban Stable we are calling you, our friends, to action! Be a part of Urban Stable’s mission to unbridle youth potential by raising awareness of the work Urban Stable does and by donating to make this life changing work possible. Help us raise $4,000 this holiday season to change the lives of more youth like Suki.

Today we are sharing Suki’s story. This is a true story of how Urban Stable has help Suki at school and at home, but we have changed Suki’s name and pictures to protect her privacy. Read Suki’s life changing story below.

Suki’s Story…

Suki struggled at school, she felt different, left out and marginalized. Suki had no friends and she was bullied. Through these difficult times of rejection at school Suki grew angry and began to lash out by bullying others. Her behaviour became aggressive and erratic. She was lost in her anger. But Suki’s school principal knew of a program that just might be Suki’s hope in her world of anger – Suki was given the opportunity to attend Urban Stable.

The first day with her horse at Urban Stable, Suki was so excited her energy was through the roof. This energized behaviour was mirrored back to Suki by her horse becoming restless and seemingly uncooperative. Suki had to learn to calm her energy in order to approach, groom and work with her horse. This was the start of a new journey for Suki.

Through working with her horse, Suki learned to regulate her emotions and calm her behaviour. Suki has transferred these skills to help her at school and at home. In challenging situations Suki is now able to self soothe, process and analyse her emotions, and monitor her behaviour so she no longer lashes out in anger. Suki has developed a calm, assertive energy that has replaced her tendency towards aggression.

Suki’s horse helped Suki make these changes by giving her a feeling of acceptance and by teaching her leadership and awareness. Now, through Suki’s new found acceptance and awareness, she has started to make new friends at school and at Urban Stable.

You can help more student’s like Suki – donate today and help youth unbridle their potential! #GivingTuesdayCA

“My horse taught me leadership and awareness. I learned it’s alright to be different.” – Suki, 13 years old