Katya’s Story…

By the time Katya (who’s name and pictures have been changed to protect her privacy) came to Urban Stable in grade 5 she had already dealt with difficulties beyond her young years. Katya had lived in numerous homes with different families and even in hotels. She had to navigate through these uncertain and unstable circumstances doing the best she could.

Katya’s school counsellor knew how much Katya was struggling and asked her if she wanted to attend Urban Stable. Her counsellor knew how much Katya could benefit from the horses and the program, and so Katya started Urban Stable. The first few weeks of the program Katya was so excited she could hardly pay attention and was unable to control or focus her energy. You could also see Katya wasn’t sure if her good luck in coming to Urban Stable was going to last, just as her home situations never seemed to last.

As Katya returned to Urban Stable week after week, and her horse remained a constant friend and partner no matter what else was going on, Katya began to settle into the steadying Urban Stable routine. As time went on Katya’s unfocused energy began to focus on being a strong, empathetic friend and leader not only with her horse, but with her Urban Stable teammates as well.

Katya has really blossomed from having a safe place at Urban Stable where she can rely on the stability of the program and her horse. This consistency and safety have allowed Katya to learn how to be a leader with her teammates, her horse and in her own life, despite all the factors outside of her control.

Katya now comes to Urban Stable every week with a big smile and positive, focused energy. She has become a strong leader with her horse and teammates and has become so secure in herself that she is always the first one to offer suggestions and help to others.

Urban Stable has allowed Katya to transform from feeling out of control in her life circumstances to being a leader in her life with the skills and tools she needs to take on the challenges she faces.

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