Kristy’s Life Lit Up!

Youth and Horse

Kristy is a sensitive, energetic student at Urban Stable. She struggles with independence and emotion control and reacts to stress by shutting down. This can make communication difficult during those moments.

Kristy was very excited to come to Urban Stable and meet the horses. She selected May to be her horse as she felt they connected the most. May likes to stay active and is highly conscious of her human’s energy, responding to anxiety by not standing still.

When Kristy was asked why she chose May, she replied that it was because her and May were similar, they both like to move around. Kristy was told by her instructor that sometimes we are drawn to the horse that is a lot like us, and that means we have to work hard because both us and our horse experience the same challenges.

Kristy stepped up to the plate, respecting May’s energy, recognizing her own energy, and keeping her body language calm. May even started falling asleep during grooming sessions with Kristy; this is a wonderful achievement as May rarely feels relaxed enough, with her need to fidget, to have a nap while being groomed.

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*Name and picture changed for privacy