“Leading my horse was hard. But also calming.”

Youth hugging horse

Every student that comes to Urban Stable, comes with a different set of experiences, challenges, and concerns. Arthur* came to Urban Stable dealing with trauma from his past. He needed a space where he could be calm and learn how to build a safe, stable relationship. 
For someone who deals with trauma or high anxiety, having a space to feel calm and comfortable can be a great opportunity to de-stress and heal from past experiences. Arthur’s horse, Rufus, and Urban Stable were this opportunity for Arthur. 
Arthur was able to build a strong connection with Rufus. Rufus helped Arthur feel calm and taught him the qualities of a good relationship like kindness, communication, boundaries, and empathy. 
Working with Rufus was also a great opportunity for Arthur to find his strength by learning to be a leader to his horse. As a leader to Rufus, Arthur learned how to make a plan and communicate his plan effectively to Rufus, showing Arthur that he could indeed be a leader. 
Dealing with horses can be challenging, but the skills you learn stick with you and can have a BIG impact on your life. 
“Leading my horse was hard. But also calming.” Arthur said about his experience at Urban Stable. 
Arthur would beam with pride when he took on a new challenge and succeeded, putting his all into working with his horse and finding such a sense of accomplishment after each class. 
This June, help create a safe, calming space for students by donating to Urban Stable.

*Name and picture changed for privacy