Mateo’s Life Lit Up!

Boy standing with horse

Meet Mateo*, a bubbly, energetic student at Urban Stable, who can struggle to feel safe in his connections and relationships with others. Mateo deals with many difficult and complex emotions that come from broken attachments. 

Mateo has an amazing, positive attitude despite his experience with trauma at a young age. He is motivated and loves being with his horse, China. Mateo has built a strong bond with China. Being able to grow his relationship with his horse helps him feel safe and helps him build connections with others. 

The supportive, consistent environment at Urban Stable, and the friendship and lessons from his horse, really help Mateo feel more grounded in an uncertain world. Mateo’s foster mom said that Urban Stable has been a lifeline for Mateo and that she will do what it takes for Mateo to continue in Urban Stable so he can grow and heal.

Every dollar you donate to Urban Stable will help Light Up A Life like Mateo’s. This holiday season give youth, like Mateo, the opportunity to attend Urban Stable’s engaging equine assisted learning programs. Because more beautiful than the holiday lights is a life that is lit up! 

*Name and picture changed for privacy