Meet A Horse: Brownie

This is a whole lot of horse with a whole lot of love to give. This incredible gentle giant of a lady joined our program June 2019. Brownie is a 2010 model Thoroughbred, Quarterhorse, Percheron cross. Each of these breeds brings a valuable piece of the puzzle together in this awesome mare. She has proved to be an amazing addition to our team of hooved teachers here at Urban Stable.

Brownie has a great sense of humour and an affinity for dressing up. She’s first in line to try on costumes and a great sport about fittings and adjustments while her students work their creative magic. She bows her great big head down low so it can be decorated with goofy hats and ribbons just to see the smiles on students’ faces as they turn her into a reindeer or a cowgirl. 

Brownie teaches us that things are not always as they seem from the outside. We might assume that with her great big body and presence Brownie would have the confidence to go with it, but she does best when her student steps into the leadership role with confidence and assertive energy to get her big feet a movin’! Sometimes we all need a little help to get where we are going.

The power of love is always working its magic between Brownie and her students here at Urban Stable. 💜