Meet A Horse – China


Our beloved horse China has decided to retire at the spry age of 21! She has been an incredible friend and teacher to so many people and has a zest for life that endears her to all. 

China is a first to meet you in the pasture kind of horse who will follow you around anywhere. She plans on using her retirement years to soak up the sun, eat treats, spend lots of time rolling in the arena sand and most of all make sure her new owner gives her LOTS of bum scratches! Her favourite!

We know China will continue to be well loved and receive all the best that life has to offer with her new person. 

Thank you China for sharing your many gifts and talents with everyone you met at Urban Stable and for working so hard to put a smile on the faces of everyone who visited the barn! You are a great friend and partner. All the best to you in your retirement!