Meet a Horse – China

China is a Tennessee Walking Horse mare who was born on a large ranch in 2001. She is friendly, energetic and loves tackling challenges with the Urban Stable students.

China is not shy and will make sure she gets lots of attention and cuddles from everyone around her. She loves to meet you in the pasture and walk beside you everywhere you go to try and convince you to bring her in for treats and love.

This spunky girl loves speedy games where she can show off her flat walk, a gait unique to Tennessee Walking Horses. China and her riders are hard to beat when we play rodeo games like barrel racing and pole bending and her sweet and spunky nature helps students embrace the adventure of life.

On the ranch China grew up on, before she began with Urban Stable, one of her jobs was to help move herds of horses and cattle. China has taken this skill with her to her job at Urban Stable and one of her favorite games to play is team penning; where horses and riders work together as a team to herd a ‘calf’ (one of the Urban Stable instructors) back into a pen. China is very good at it!

China loves adventures, playing games, having fun and above all love and attention from the students at Urban Stable.