Meet a Horse – Ms. Piffles

Ms. Piffles

Ms. Piffles, “Piff” or “Ms. P.” is a 2009, Pony of the Americas mare who joined the Urban Stable team in June 2018. As a Pony of the Americas, Ms. Piffles is true to her breed’s heritage and is gentle, smart and versatile. At Urban Stable she has earned the nick name ‘Piff the Magic Pony’. Ms. Piffles truly is a magic pony and is working her magic by helping the students at Urban Stable unbridle their potential.

Before joining Urban Stable Ms. Piffles was being trained in the sport of mounted shooting and though she tried very hard and was a calm and steady mount, her legs just couldn’t go fast enough for the fast paced sport. Realizing the game of mounted shooting was not for her, Ms. Piffles went on the hunt for a new job and found Urban Stable.

The work at Urban Stable is a perfect match for Mr. Piffles’ versatile and magical skills. Her calm, kind, steady and brave nature allows the students she works with a safe place to try new things, build relationships and grow in confidence and assertiveness. Ms. Piffles is a great teacher (as ponies are) as she is sweet and even tempered, but does not give things away for free.

If Ms. Piffles’ student wants her to do something, for example to walk on under saddle, they must ask assertively, with confidence and energy. As soon as that assertive, confident energy emerges from her student Ms. Piffles is ready to respond. This teaching is invaluable to the students and Ms. Piffles is a kind and patient teacher.

Ms. Piffles has quickly become a favourite at Urban Stable and we are excited to continue to work alongside her and watch as she helps transform the lives of the students.