Meet a Horse – Q


Agent Q, or just Q to his friends, is a tall, dark and handsome, 2002, brown, Thoroughbred gelding. Q began his life in a fast paced job as a racehorse and even won a race. Don’t let his early beginnings fool you though, Q knew the fast paced life of a racehorse wasn’t for him so he made a career change to spend time hanging out with and loving kids.

Q enjoyed his new life teaching riding lessons to students and going on trail rides where he could stroll leisurely with his friends, watching butterflies and snacking on tall grass. He found this relaxed pace of life just right.

Now Q continues his love of working with kids at Urban Stable. He has a sweet, cuddly personality and loves to snuggle right up to you. Sometimes Q forgets he is much larger than his human friends and needs to be reminded he is a horse and not a lap dog, though Q begs to differ.

Q takes excellent care of his students at Urban Stable. He teaches students to be caring and kind by demonstrating his kind and caring nature and by insisting on being very well cared for, brushed and petted to his liking. Q is also good at teaching assertiveness as he enjoys being petted and loved so much that he sometimes finds it hard to switch gears and get to work.

Q is loved by all who meet him and makes us laugh with his lap dog personality stuck in the body of a horse.