Meet a Horse



Rufus is a 15 year old, dun, Appaloosa gelding. Being a dun Rufus has a striking dorsal stripe down his back, and even though he lives in the middle of the Canadian prairies, he has blond highlights in his mane that would make any beach lover jealous.

Rufus has been working with kids since he was 5 years old and excels at his job. He is incredibly patient, calm, understanding and forgiving. Rufus is such a caring teacher that when the Urban Stable students are learning to pick up Rufus’ foot to clean it out, Rufus will often stand holding his foot in the air until his student gets the courage to go in and hold onto it.

Rufus’ good nature is complimented by his goofy personality and great sense of humour. Rufus always has laughter in his eyes and looks for little games to play to amuse himself and make his students laugh. Rufus’ judgement, however, is impeccable and he never takes a game or joke too far. He always stays within his student’s comfort zone.

Rufus anticipates his students’ needs and loves to build a student’s strength, confidence and abilities in the unique way each student requires. Rufus is an amazing horse!