Meet a Horse – Jack

Jacks Hummin Par, or ‘Jack’, is a 2006 Quarter Horse gelding who is affectionately called Jackalope at the barn. He is our tallest horse and stands 16hh. Jack and his best buddy Q are almost identical and even though they are different breeds of horses people often can’t tell Jack and Q apart.

When Jack isn’t hanging out with students at Urban Stable you will usually find him initiating games in the pasture with the other horses running, rearing and generally having fun. His other favorite past time is napping. Jack is a sucker for a good nap and you can often find him curled up in a sunny spot in the shelter.

Though Jack is a great instigator of fun and games in the pasture he is calm and gentle when working with the students at Urban Stable. He takes good care of his riders and loves to lick them, yes that’s right, lick them, like a big dog. Jack’s sweet and humorous nature and love of games helps students open up with him, feel safe and smile.