Meet A Staff: Taysa

Instructor and horse

We would like to introduce you to Taysa one of our invaluable staff members here at Urban Stable who pours her heart into supporting and building up the students in our program. 

Taysa joined us this fall in the role of Assistant Instructor and also in the essential role of Driver ensuring our students get to and from the barn safely. Taysa has a real passion for creating opportunities and environments for youth to grow and develop and a real passion for the horses who activate this growth.

Her love of supporting and building up youth led Taysa to pour herself into working with youth at summer camps and her love of horses and animals drew Taysa towards studying to become a veterinarian. After finishing her undergrad and a practicum with a veterinary practice however, Taysa realized that what she really wanted wasn’t just to work with animals, but to also be able to help others grow and learn. 

Urban Stable offered the perfect way for Taysa to put her love for helping others and her love of caring for horses and animals to work. We are so glad to have Taysa on our team helping youth unbridle their potential!