Meet a Volunteer – Kim


How long have you volunteered for Urban Stable?
I’m just starting into my 6th year with Urban Stable as a horse handler and youth assistant.

What do you like about volunteering with Urban Stable? 
Working along-side instructors, coaches and all the volunteers who genuinely care about helping kids! The horses are a pleasure to work with and are a big plus as well.

What is your favorite Urban Stable memory?
It would have to be the day that one of the students broke down, sobbing in tears while initially refusing to cooperate any further because of an equipment mix-up and a misunderstanding that ensued. But, then a transformation began to happen.

After having time to understand and process the circumstances more fully, the student slowly began to shift his response from a place of resistance and opposition to an acceptance of the situation and a willingness to carry on with performing the tasks ahead and working with his horse, albeit with some reluctance, understandably so.

The student made the decision of his own volition, along with a few words of encouragement and his horse standing by patiently waiting, to re-engage and to continue on to participate by joining up with his fellow students and their equine partners in the arena. Moments later, the lesson progressed with everyone contributing and resulted in great success! Smiles all around.