Meet a Volunteer


How long have you volunteered for Urban Stable?
I have been a volunteer since 2017. 
What do you like about volunteering with Urban Stable? 
I enjoy seeing the impact of the hands-on learning the students get to have with their horses. I truly value being part of a team that values education and safety whereby the students and volunteers learn how to support their horse in a caring and respectful manner. When you volunteer you get to see each week how the horses teach something new to the students each time, and you get to watch how the students grow throughout the duration of the program. Students often share their experiences of something new that their horse did that week, or something they learned from coming out to the barn that day. It is always a special moment when you get to be a part of a student’s positive experience at Urban Stable and know that they will carry these personal memories and experiences with them as they move on from the program. From the students that have no horse experience, to students that have a horse-riding background, every student learns something new each time with their horse at the program. 
What is your favourite Urban Stable memory?
One of my favourite things to be a part of is seeing the different experiences the students get to have with their horses and watch how the student’s confidence builds each week. Urban Stable students not only get to groom and care for their horses, but they get to do many valuable and fun activities in the arena, classroom work, as well as working on riding skills. The instructors foster an environment of fun where teamwork activities, educational activities, and games are played with the horses which help the students work on various skills like confidence building and communication, as well as how to care and thank their horses. I love witnessing how in each of these areas the students change over the months of the program, and you get to see the confidence they develop in tacking and grooming their horse, their communication with their horse, and their connection and love to their horse. It is all so special to be a part of! 

Elisabeth discovered Urban Stable through in 2017, and she was connected with Hayley, our current Executive Director. She came out to our facility for a barn tour and hands-on training with Carla, our Head Instructor. Elisabeth started volunteering with students in our School Program, has helped with our Alumni Program, and if we required additional help she was ready to pitch in wherever needed.  
Elisabeth has enjoyed getting to know all our different horses over the years, learning about their individual stories and personalities. China and Rufus are two special Urban Stable horses that Elisabeth has fond memories of working with!