Meet Orla!

Orla* was referred to Urban Stable by her guidance counsellor to help provide a safe and stable environment, and to build relationship skills, confidence and trust. 

When Orla first started at Urban Stable she was very shy, anxious, and struggled with any task that drew her outside of her comfort zone. Our certified instructors slowed the pace of learning for Orla, allowing her time to get to know her horse, Brownie. Each week, Orla became more and more confident, growing in trust.

Orla’s guidance counsellor shared with us how Brownie was a huge inspiration to Orla on a recent field trip. Orla and her classmates had to demonstrate that they could successfully go down the first ski slope before being able to advance to the next activity. Orla struggled with her fear, unable to step outside of her comfort zone, and became increasingly frustrated. Finally, she approached her teacher in floods of tears, saying she couldn’t do it. 

Orla’s teacher knelt down beside her and reminded Orla about Brownie, saying she knew Orla could groom, tack, lead, ride and even lift and clean Brownie’s large feet at Urban Stable. If Orla can do that with Brownie, a large animal with a mind of her own, why couldn’t Orla go down this little hill? Orla, wiping her tears, stood 6 inches taller – she remembered the vital skills, confidence and trust she developed with Brownie. Orla channelled these lessons, skills and feelings into going down that slope. And she did it with a smile beaming from ear to ear with her sense of accomplishment!

The skills students, like Orla, develop at Urban Stable naturally transfer into all areas of their lives and stay with them forever, making a positive impact for a lifetime. You can be a part of this life-changing work. Donate to our cause in June and help us win $20,000 in the Great Canadian Giving Challenge! Your support makes a difference.

*name and photo changed to protect their identity