Ms. Piffles (Piff the Magic Pony)


Breed: Pony of the Americas 
Born: 2009 
Gender: Mare 
Colour: Dun 
Height: 14hh 
Nicknames: Piff, Spiffy-Piffy, Ms. P, Piff the Magic Pony 
Resume: trail rides, lessons, and the sport of mounted shooting 
Ms. Piffles is a great partner. She is quietly confident and dependable. She insists you are serious about a task before she will participate; then she will complete the task merrily at her own steady speed. She is a fun and versatile pony who isn’t very demonstrative in her show of affection, but as you gain her trust and friendship, you can see her soften and you know she will do anything for her friends. 

Ms. Piffles is a great teacher of assertiveness. She is very willing, but her pony personality means her rider needs to be clear, kind, and certain about what they want before she will agree to do the activity. Learning to be assertive with kindness and respect is an invaluable skill. Thanks Ms. Piffles for teaching it so well!