“My horse taught me to be confident!” – Eric

Youth and Horse

Making yourself vulnerable by joining a new program can be difficult, but it can also lead to important growth.

This was the situation for Eric*, a student who at first was unsure about being part of the Urban Stable program but gave it a shot.

When Eric started at Urban Stable, he had a hard time connecting with others. This struggle to connect with others also caused him to struggle to absorb information and participate in conversations.

Through the program, Eric worked hard on building a relationship with his horse, Brownie, and learned how to open up to Brownie. Soon Eric was able to transfer the relationship building skills he had developed with Brownie, to also connect with his teammates and the staff and volunteers at Urban Stable.

What once was a rare, tentative smile from Eric, became frequent and noticeable even at school.

His teacher says because Eric participated in Urban Stable, “He is much happier as a person. He is more confident and enjoys a conversation. He is open to new things”.

And Eric told us, “My horse taught me to be confident,” and “I feel more connected to people.” 
This June, support the growth of more students like Eric and donate to Urban Stable today.

*Name and picture changed for privacy