We’re Hiring!

We’re hiring for two new positions; Executive Director and Program Instructor & Driver.

Executive Director, Urban Stable:
Urban Stable is currently recruiting its next Executive Director. We are looking for a passionate, energetic and resourceful leader to guide Urban Stable’s future. The Executive Director (ED) is responsible for ensuring Urban Stable’s capacity to deliver its annual program offerings, securing funding, and building partnerships with funders. Interested individuals are invited to submit their cover letter and resume to board@urbanstable.ca no later than August 6th, 2021.  The position will start September 2021.

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Instructor and Driver, Urban Stable
Urban Stable is currently looking for a certified Instructor to join our dedicated and dynamic team. We are looking for a passionate, energetic, reliable and experienced Instructor to coach the youth in our programs and to provide student transportation to and from the program location using the program vehicle. Interested individuals are invited to submit their cover letter and resume along with two professional references to hayley@urbanstable.ca no later than August 6th, 2021.  Position will start Late September / Early October 2021.

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Thank You For A Great Month Of Giving!

Collage of people with horses

Last month, for the Great Canadian Giving Challenge, more than 214,000 Canadians supported their favourite charity. Thank you to everyone who made a donation in support of Urban Stable, giving us a chance to win $20,000.

Although we weren’t the lucky winners of the draw this year, your donations make it possible for youth like Anna, Noah, Krystal, Lisa, Wyatt, and Peyton, who you met in the month of June, to experience life changing growth and personal success at Urban Stable as they unbridle their potential. 

We can’t express enough how far your generosity goes in creating opportunity for youth who are struggling. Your support helps youth find confidence and strength. It helps them create connections to their education, families, self, and communities. 

Thank you, you’ve made an extraordinary difference. ❤️


Ms. Piffles (Piff the Magic Pony)


Breed: Pony of the Americas 
Born: 2009 
Gender: Mare 
Colour: Dun 
Height: 14hh 
Nicknames: Piff, Spiffy-Piffy, Ms. P, Piff the Magic Pony 
Resume: trail rides, lessons, and the sport of mounted shooting 
Ms. Piffles is a great partner. She is quietly confident and dependable. She insists you are serious about a task before she will participate; then she will complete the task merrily at her own steady speed. She is a fun and versatile pony who isn’t very demonstrative in her show of affection, but as you gain her trust and friendship, you can see her soften and you know she will do anything for her friends. 

Ms. Piffles is a great teacher of assertiveness. She is very willing, but her pony personality means her rider needs to be clear, kind, and certain about what they want before she will agree to do the activity. Learning to be assertive with kindness and respect is an invaluable skill. Thanks Ms. Piffles for teaching it so well!

Peyton and Ms. Piffles

Person and Horse

Peyton is a student in our School Program and has attended for two years. Peyton is passionate about her bond with her horse, Ms. Piffles, and works so hard to learn how to best care for and be a good friend to Ms. Piffles. When we asked Peyton what Ms. Piffles and Urban Stable have taught her, this is what she sent us:

My speech:  

You only live one life on this earth, you don’t know what is going to happen 3 months from now, you don’t know what will happen a day from now. Do you? Well, if you are trying to be gentle, if you are trying to find a leader in yourself, if you are having hard times at school and stressed out every single time the teacher hands out a new assignment, then hear me out.

I never knew I would like horses because I always felt so intimidated standing by one, never mind riding one. Ever since I went to Urban Stable they helped me with my fear of horses, they helped me want to live my life and try new things. I never knew I would even get the opportunity to ride a horse in my life or GROOM it. When I heard we get to ride, groom, and talk to our horse I was so excited.

Urban Stable has helped me out a lot in life, school, family, friendships, and more. Ms. Piffles always kind of just makes me feel like I have no need to be stressed. Ms. Piffles is always posing for the camera and always ready to get the job done. Thank you, Urban Stable, Carla, Hayley, and Ms. Piffles.  

Love, Peyton

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Wyatt’s Story – Starring Brownie

Person and two horses

Wyatt has been in the Alumni program for three years and has gained so much learning from his horse:

Hi, my name is Wyatt and I ride Brownie. I like riding Brownie because it is very enjoyable. I’m always excited to come to Urban Stable and hang out with Brownie and everyone too. Sometimes I have trouble with getting Brownie where I want her to go, but after a while we come through and work together as a team. It’s always a great day when I’m able to come to the barn and ride for a little bit, and after my time is up, I just can’t wait until next time.
I’ve learned that Brownie is a very jumpy horse and is easily distracted by birds in the arena. I’ve had to show Brownie she should be focusing on what we’re doing. Brownie has taught me to stay calm and to think about where I want to go. Brownie has taught me to not give up when I can’t do something, but to keep trying until I get it done.
I really enjoy coming to Urban Stable and I hope it can still be around for more kids to go and ride a horse for an afternoon or morning. The first time I went to Urban Stable I wasn’t sure if I should do it, but now I’m so happy I decided to take the morning to ride a horse at Urban Stable.

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Breed: Percheron/Quarter Horse/Thoroughbred 
Born: 2010 
Gender: Mare 
Colour: Bay 
Height: 16hh 
Nicknames: Miss B., Brownie-kins 
Resume: trail rides, lessons, groundwork and obstacles 
Brownie teaches us that things are not always as they seem from the outside. One might assume that with her big body and presence Brownie would have the confidence to go with it, but she does best with someone to take the leader role with confident, assertive energy. She is also very sensitive even though she is large. Her rider’s assertive energy only needs to be a clear thought, a breath, and maybe a touch of the reins to guide her. 

Brownie excels at teaching leadership as she lacks confidence and needs a strong leader to help her feel good about the task she needs to do. Being such a large and gentle horse Brownie is also great at building confidence in students. As students build a relationship with Brownie and learn to be a leader to such a large animal, their confidence soars. If they can accomplish leadership with Brownie, what can’t they do? 



Breed: Tennessee Walker 
Born: 2001 
Gender: Mare 
Colour: Black 
Height: 14.1hh 
Nicknames: China-bell, China-doll 
Resume: trail rides, lessons, ranch work, moving cattle 
China loves attention and tail scratches. She doesn’t believe in dawdling, is the first to meet you in the pasture, and she loves to be on the go. As a Tennesee Walker she is gaited, which means she doesn’t just have the usual horse gaits of walk, trot, canter and gallop; she also has a flat walk and a running walk which are smooth and rhythmical – like riding a wave. China loves playing games, especially team penning, where her skills at herding cattle come in handy. 

China is great at teaching students about relationships and how to be a good friend. She loves building friendships and isn’t shy about telling you that she believes a good friend is generous with giving tail scratches. 

Lisa and China

Person riding horse
Lisa has been an Alumni student for three years and tells us what she has learned from her horse China:

At Urban Stable, the horse I ride, her name is China. When I first laid eyes on her I fell in love with her, her small body and tiny feet. China taught me to slow things down and take them one step at a time. She taught me how to set boundaries and to ask before taking charge. I like China because she’s small with a big attitude like myself. Being around horses is my happy place, an escape from reality. Urban Stable is a home away from home. 

Laurie, Lisa’s mom, shares the impact Urban Stable has had on her daughter:

My daughter had always liked being around horses. Until she started attending sessions at Urban Stable, I had no idea how good it was for her confidence and mental health. Through controlling her body movements and breathing, she has learned how to communicate with her horse. This life skill is a valuable one and it helps her with regulation. 
She also learned how to take care of her horse, which teaches ownership, responsibility and hard work. Being responsible for your horse, or your partner, teaches you that you are not alone, and that you have to feed, clean and care for your horse. These skills helped her land her first job that included caring for and walking horses.
Building confidence was definitely achieved in her sessions. To be able to manage an animal of that size and strength requires you to be confident. What was interesting was when she landed a job working with horses, many of her friends admired her ability to achieve this job. “I would be way too scared to do that.”, said one of her friends, and that made her feel very proud.

Thank you, Urban Stable, for helping my daughter grow.

-Laurie, Lisa’s mom



Breed: Appaloosa 
Born: 2002 
Gender: Gelding 
Colour: Dun 
Height: 14.2hh 
Nicknames: Ru, Rufio 
Resume: trail rides, lessons, Manitoba Horse Council 2018 Non-Competitive Horse of the Year 

Rufus is a quiet, dependable guy who takes good care of his riders. He is generous, patient, forgiving, and more than deserves his Non-Competitive Horse of the Year award. Rufus has been working with youth most of his life and has made an enormous, positive impact in so many lives over the years. We are so proud of you Rufus!

Rufus is great at building up students’ confidence and self-esteem. His sweet, gentle, generous nature helps his rider overcome fear, and discover they have the strength to tackle difficult challenges. 

Krystal’s Story – Starring Rufus

Person grooming horse

“The name of the horse that I ride is Rufus. I like him because he is very calm most of the time and is always focused on his job. Rufus has helped me gain more confidence, and believe in myself more, to overcome obstacles that get in the way. Rufus has taught me how to be a leader, and helped me develop leadership skills. He has also taught me how to be calm and patient under stressful circumstances.” – Krystal

Krystal has been in the Alumni program for four years; has been a Leader In Training at Urban Stable, helping younger students in the program; and a volunteer in our summer programs. Krystal is a quieter person by nature, but she has accomplished big things, stepping out of her comfort zone and becoming a leader, with the help of her horse, Rufus. 

The personal growth Krystal has experienced through working with Rufus has been huge. The hard work she has put in to grow, develop, and also use that growth to give back to others as a Leader In Training and program volunteer, was recognized this year when she received an Urban Stable L.E.A.D.S. Volunteer Appreciation award. 

Help more youth like Krystal find their confidence so they can achieve personal success and also give back to their communities.