Molly’s Life Lit Up!

HorseStudent standing next to horse

At Urban Stable, lives like Molly’s* are lit up everyday. 

Molly was often frustrated and angry with how life was going for her, struggling in class and being bullied at recess. Through working with her horse at Urban Stable, Molly was able to identify her frustration, work through it, and develop ways to manage her emotions.

Molly now calms more quickly, can use her words to express her emotions, and can rationalize what she is feeling. Molly has grown emotionally over the two years she has attended Urban Stable. She is now not afraid at recess because of what her horse taught her; to have empathy for others.

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*name and picture changed to protect identity. 

Lana Stevenson, 2023 Volunteer Of The Year!

Person with certificate

Lana Stevenson, Urban Stable Volunteer Extraordinaire! Lana was awarded the Rhonda Davies Award for the ‘Outstanding Volunteer of the Year’ from the Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association (CanTRA) for her exemplary service. Having been involved with Urban Stable since 2015, she has held many roles over the years. She has assisted with volunteering in the program as a Horse Handler, on our Board, as Board President, and is now acquiring her CanTRA Instructor certification. Lana makes a lasting positive impression on each of the students she works with and everyone she meets! 

Lana is so deserving of this recognition. When we shared this fantastic news with her she was overcome with emotion, having no words to express her feelings of thanks. Lana received a plaque (pictured) from CanTRA displaying her achievement. She is truly a role model to all of the youth that she inspires and a pivotal member of the Urban Stable team! Always ready to lend a helping hand to any task required, Lana has helped Urban Stable grow over the years, extending our impact to reach more youth in need of support.

We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to Lana and to CanTRA for highlighting Lana’s contribution to Urban Stable. With CanTRA we follow the highest safety standards and share our dedication to treating all life with respect and kindness.

We could not be more excited to honour Lana’s dedication to Urban Stable and her community. You’re a superstar! Thank you so much for everything you do!

Meet Our New Program Director!

Person and horse

We are thrilled to welcome Tavia, as Program Director, to the Urban Stable team! Tavia is a certified CanTRA Intermediate Instructor and a registered social worker with a Master of Social Work. Her experience will be invaluable to all of our students and we can’t wait for the fresh ideas she will bring to the table.

Read Tavia’s bio here: 

My story with horses began over 20 years ago, when I was a child who wanted to spend every spare minute at the barn. The time I did spend with horses throughout my childhood (and adolescence…and adulthood!) not only helped me grow in confidence and compassion, but also provided me a refuge during the ups and downs of life.

Over the years, I gained experience in horse training and barn management, as well as experience coaching riding lessons. I am now a certified CanTRA Intermediate Instructor and a registered social worker with a Master of Social Work, and I am delighted to be bringing these skillsets together in my new role.

Urban Stable opens the door to horses for young people who might otherwise never have the chance to spend time with a horse. It is so rewarding to see students progress in skills, ease and confidence as they return each week and to witness the joy they experience so fully with the horses in the program. I am honoured to join the Urban Stable team as Program Director!

Caspian, 2023 Therapy Horse Of The Year!

Horse with person and certificate

Congratulations to our handsome Prince Caspian on receiving the Manning Equine Services Award for ‘Outstanding Therapy Horse of the Year’ from the Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association (CanTRA)! This sweet and patient boy truly is a crowd favourite. You can be assured he will get extra carrots in his feed and snuggles from the students to celebrate his achievement! He really is a special horse who has a fond place in the hearts of everyone who works with him. Caspian is pictured wearing the stunning personalized blanket he was gifted from CanTRA, along with a plaque, in recognition of his effort and hard work.

Our horses are the backbone of our program; without them we would not be able to make the impact that we do. They truly make the magic happen. As animals that thrive in relationship with others, they are true natural teachers and mirror the energy they receive from their peers, whether horse or human.

CanTRA is our governing body and has the highest standards for safety. Urban Stable is proud to be certified and accredited through an organization that shares our vision. Our mutual commitment to a culture of growth, support, and compassion, is exemplified in everything we do. We are so grateful to CanTRA for acknowledging one of the most incredible horses we have the immense pleasure to know! Thank you!

Fall Programming Kick-Off!

Youth and horse

A brand new school year is officially underway and we are having a blast welcoming our friends, old and new, into the peaceful atmosphere of the barn as our fall programs begin.

Our horses (the real teachers) are ready to teach their students the essential skills that allow their students to thrive. Empathy, self-regulation, patience, kindness, confidence, and relationship building are just a few of the areas of expertise our horses excel in teaching their human friends about. The horses’ safe, non-judgemental presence brings out the best in their two-legged companions. Who wouldn’t want a teacher who whinnies and sees you for who you really are?

As the students learn how to groom and bond with their horses, they learn about friendship, developing trust, and self-esteem. Playing games that put into practice themes like boundaries, consent, and partnership with their equine teammates, the students are able to connect the dots between these important topics and their daily life. Teamwork makes it all possible! Yay to the incredible ability our horses have to draw out these amazing qualities in each one of their students! Let’s continue unbridling all the youth potential we can this year!

Thank You Graham C. Lount Family Foundation!

Graham C. Lount Family Foundation Logo

We’re so grateful for the Lount Family Foundation’s ongoing support and for awarding us a multi-year grant. We’re in our third year of the multi-year grant and this stable source of funding has been critical to keeping Urban Stable’s mission alive. 

Thank You Kelvin High School YiP!

YiP logo

Kelvin High School’s YiP group is so generous in helping other youth facing challenges unbridle their potential. The helmets and boots they purchased make dreams come true for our students. Thank You!

Thank You CIBC Miracle Day!

CIBC Miracle Day logo with student and horse

Thank you CIBC employees for choosing Urban Stable as one of your grant recipients this year from the proceeds of CIBC Miracle Day.  Thank you for improving the lives of our students and helping them acquire skills that will benefit their futures! We are grateful to be part of this group effort to change the world, one hoofprint at a time.  

Thank You Thomas Sill Foundation!

Thomas Sill Foundation Logo

Thank You for sponsoring our updated staff laptops! Having access to current technology is critical for supporting our programming. We use computers for everything from contacting schools, lesson planning, keeping our website fresh, photo editing, and even this newsletter! Plus, much more!

Thank You Johansen Larsen Foundation!

Johansen Larsen Foundation Logo

Thank you for helping us provide unique learning opportunities at Urban Stable through the transformative power of the horse-human connection. Your support is instrumental in allowing our life-changing programs to be accessible and inclusive.