Double Your Impact This Giving Tuesday

Kids and horse - Giving Tuesday 2020

Don’t miss your chance to double your impact this GivingTuesday! Your donation to Urban Stable today, Dec. 1st, will go twice as far thanks to an anonymous donor who will match all donations given to Urban Stable on GivingTuesday up to $5000! 

GivingTuesday is a global day of giving that happens every year after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It’s a day for Canadians, charities, and businesses to come together to “do good stuff” and celebrate the joy of giving.  GivingTuesday marks the kick off of our Light Up A Life holiday campaign. More beautiful than the holiday lights is a life that has been lit up.

Help kick off our Light Up A Life campaign by spreading the word about Urban Stable, celebrating all the ways that people “do good stuff”, and engaging with your community. No GivingTuesday act is too small and each one is important. 

Here are some ideas of ways you can get involved:

  • Donate to Urban Stablegive financially and help more youth unbridle their potential. Not only will you double your impact today, CanadaHelps is also donating $2 for every $20  donated on GivingTuesday! Or if you want to support us by matching donations throughout December contact

  • Spread the word – tell your friends, family, and co-workers about the lives being changed at Urban Stable 

  • Like and Share our Stories on Social MediaFacebook, Instagram, and Twitter

  • Share our Newsletter – send our newsletters with our inspiring stories of hope to others. Not subscribed to our newsletter yet? Click the subscribe button at the top of the page

  • Pledge your time – give your time to help spread the word about Urban Stable, create a fundraiser for Urban Stable, or volunteer your talents

We hope you share in the excitement of #GivingTuesdayCA and take part! 


Personal Protective Equipment

Personal gear to protect our students, volunteers and staff is of course a priority this year. We’ve loaded up on cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer, some of which we’ve had generously donated by you, our supporters!

A special thank you goes to The Cap Shield who is giving back by donating 10 face shields for every 100 they sell online. Urban Stable was the recipient of some of these face shields that will help keep our students, volunteers and staff safe. Thank you Cap Shield for this gift!

Another special thank you goes to the Manitoba Horse Council, Greenhawk, Anne Miner, Janet Miner, Anna Savard, John Savard and Geri Sweet who worked together to purchase supplies and hand make enough non-medical face masks for our students to wear while at Urban Stable, ensuring we can help keep everyone at our site safe and follow best practices at all times. 

And of course a big thank you to Face Masks for Manitoba who are helping Manitobans access non-medical face masks by organizing talented sewers in our region to make masks for others. We received a donation of face masks from this group as well and we are so glad there are so many caring and helpful people in our community.  

All this added safety equipment comes with a cost which can become overwhelming especially in an already challenging time, but thanks to you, our generous community, some of the added costs of this equipment have been taken care of for us! Thank you!

Red River Co-op Grant

This fall we have been offering a combination of in-person and virtual learning as it fits for our schools and students as well as the current public health guidelines. This requires additional equipment and staff time to create our virtual materials. While this does not replace the benefits of hands-on learning, it is the next best thing for our students, keeping them connected and engaged with their horses and their personal learning and growth through Urban Stable. 

Red River Co-op has awarded us a grant to cover some of the extra costs required to create, develop and purchase equipment for our virtual programming and learning opportunities. We are so grateful that Red River Co-op has seen the shifting needs in the community and has stepped up to help make a difference, giving support and stability to Urban Stable and the youth we serve in these challenging times. 

Thank you Red River Co-op! This grant is helping us keep connected to our students and give them the opportunity to unbridle their potential even in the midst of a pandemic. 

JumpStart First Time Support

In September, Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities announced an $8 million sport relief fund to help sport and recreation organizations continue to deliver programming in 2020 and beyond. 

As you may be aware, many community organizations have shut their doors due to the financial burden created by COVID-19, including lost revenue and increased program costs. Though Urban Stable has not had to shut our doors completely we have experienced the devastating impact of the pandemic on our organization and the youth we serve first-hand.  

We recently received confirmation that we are amongst 668 sport and recreation organizations nationally to be provided with grant support through Jumpstart’s Sport Relief Fund. We are beyond grateful to receive this news and know how positive an impact it will have on the youth we serve. 

With Jumpstart’s support, we’ll be able to continue to operate and offer creative in-person and distance programming to youth in our Alumni program who need our support now. 

Winnipeg Foundation – Always There For Us

We have just completed a three year multi-year grant from The Winnipeg Foundation that has seen us through difficult times while also allowing us to stretch our wings and grow, to build our capacity so we can serve more youth.

Without The Winnipeg Foundation’s ongoing funding and partnership through this multi-year grant and many other grants over the years it’s hard to know where Urban Stable would be; for example, the Sustainability Grant from The Winnipeg Foundation we received in the summer allowed us to survive through the initial challenges of the pandemic into our 20th year of service. 

Urban Stable started in 2001 with only 2 students, and without the constant and encouraging support of partners like the Winnipeg Foundation, we could not have grown to where we are now – serving 55+ youth each year and planning for more growth in the near future. 

Thank you to The Winnipeg Foundation for your funding, support, and confidence in our programs and organization. Thank you for offering creative and meaningful opportunities for Urban Stable to flourish over the years and into the future. 

A Decade of Partnership

The Graham C. Lount Family Foundation has been an instrumental supporter of Urban Stable and the work we’ve been able to do for over a decade! The Lount family believes in Urban Stable’s mission and sees the results of this work in the personal growth and success of the youth we serve. 

We are currently in the third and final year of a multi-year grant the Lount Family Foundation awarded us, again showing their confidence and support for the program. The ongoing funding and partnership of the Lount Family Foundation has been critical in Urban Stable’s sustainability, growth, and ability to move forward. 

Having such devoted supporters has ensured the ongoing fulfillment of our mission and success of our programs for the youth that we serve. Thank you Lount Family Foundation for choosing to support our programs and being such dedicated partners over ten years!

Light Up A Life – Holiday Campaign

The holidays are coming and even if they promise to be different this year you can still carry on the spirit of love and giving. There are no restrictions on spreading hope so watch for our Holiday Campaign kicking off on Dec.1, Giving Tuesday, and don’t miss the opportunity to Light Up A Life this year! We are also launching a gift guide as part of our campaign and we are excited to offer you the chance to pick from the amazing gifts inside. Get a gift for yourself, or for a loved one, and spread hope and joy. 

Creative Programming

In the spring when we shut down, we were able to develop and deliver some Urban Stable themed activity booklets to the youth in our program to continue with their engagement and keep them connected to the learnings of the program. This was well received by the students and the schools and gave us insight into how we could potentially deliver aspects of the program virtually. 

The schools recognize the ongoing need for Urban Stable to support their students, especially given the heightened anxiety, changes to routine and difficulties that COVID-19 has created.  They are committed to continuing with the program in ways that are safe to do so, and we have revised our program schedule and procedures to adhere to the strictest health and safety protocols.

We are grateful for the ongoing partnerships with the school divisions we work in, and the opportunity to get creative in how we offer the Urban Stable program to our students this year. We are connecting with students in-person at the barn when restrictions allow, and connecting with students virtually when in-person meetings are not possible. 

When meeting in-person, which is currently restricted, we have reduced our class size to 2 students per class from the same school cohort to limit contacts and ensure our ability to follow health guidelines. We are all wearing masks, washing and sanitizing our hands, disinfecting equipment and high touch surfaces and through it all having a great time learning, connecting and growing with the help of our faithful horses. 

In our virtual lessons we meet with students using online platforms that allow us to share instructional videos we have created, discuss horse topics and learn the skills students will be using when they work with their horses, such as horse safety, grooming, tacking, mounting, dismounting, and more. It also allows us to develop a relationship and sense of community and connection with our students, and help them build a relationship with their horses even when we have to be apart.  

Our message to our students has always been that we are here to support them. When they are struggling, celebrating, confident or uncertain, we are here to help. Our students need this support more than ever and we are so glad to have access to creative ways to offer connection and support to them at Urban Stable, helping them to continue unbridling their potential.  

Winnipeg Foundation Stabilization Grant Awarded

We are thrilled to share that Urban Stable is a recipient of the Winnipeg Foundation Stabilization Grant! 

The Winnipeg Foundation recognizes the vital role charities play in our communities and the devastating effects COVID-19 has had on not-for-profits like Urban Stable. In response, The Winnipeg Foundation created the Stabilization Grant to support and fund charities, so charities can continue to help where they are needed most in their communities through the ever evolving circumstances we face today. 

With this grant Urban Stable is able to move forward and continue offering desperately needed support to the students who participate in our programs. Urban Stable programs give students confidence, a safe place to try new things, a chance to find personal success and receive the unconditional support, patience and love of our horses. Just being around the horses melts away stress and anxiety and helps our students find solid ground. 

Thank you Winnipeg Foundation for your ongoing support of Urban Stable and our students! We are beyond grateful! 

Lessons From The Horse

Lesson #1 – Be Kind

The Dalai Lama said, “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” Kindness is paramount when we are with horses and we have to recognize that it is always possible to be kind to them, no matter what. 

What is kindness? With horses it is spending time with them, doing things they enjoy like mindfully grooming them, it is bringing carrots to give them joy, it is making them feel safe in their environment and with you, it is listening to how they feel and making changes to your plan, your actions, and your ideas accordingly, it is apologizing when you reacted poorly or made a mistake, it is thanking them for forgiving you and being patient while you fumble your way through learning about them, it is appreciating them for who they are and where they are at right now. It is recognizing that kindness is always possible and that the horse will never soften to you through pressure you apply, but only in your release.

Wait a minute, was I talking about horses or people?