Our Horses


Brownie, Miss. B, or Brownie-kins as she is affectionately called by the students, is a 2010 Percheron Thoroughbred Quarter horse cross mare who stands around a magnificent 16 hands. Brownie teaches us that things are not always as they seem from the outside. One might assume that with her big body and presence Brownie would have the confidence to go with it, but she does best with someone to take the leader role with confidence and assertive energy.She is also very sensitive even though she is large, and that assertive energy only needs to be a clear thought and a breath, and maybe a touch of the reins to guide her. 

Ms. Piffles

Ms. Piffles, "Piff", or "Piff the Magic Pony" is a 2009, Pony of the Americas mare. Ms. Piffles is a great partner. She is quietly confident and dependable. She insists you are serious about a task before she will participate; then she will complete the task merrily at her own steady speed. She is a fun and versatile pony who isn’t very demonstrative in her show of affection, but as you gain her trust and friendship, you can see her soften and you know she will do anything for her friends.  


Caspian, AKA Prince Caspian-His Royal Highness, is a 2007 Percheron Cross Gelding. Caspian is a crowd favourite and very photogenic with his long, thick mane and tail. He is all about relationships and needs to trust his partner since he can get anxious about tasks that feel daunting to complete without the support of a good friend. In the pasture Caspian finds support in his best friend China, and in the arenahe looks for support from his human partner. When Caspian finds that trustworthy relationship, he is confident and sweet. 



May is a 2012 Tennessee Walker Cross mare. May is super sweet, calm and likes to take things easy. Though she likes a relaxed pace she has a turbo-boost in her back pocket. May can pull out a big, ground eating walk and trot thanks to her Tennessee Walker genes, leaving everyone else in the dust, and a smile on her rider’s face. She’s so smooth though you’ll barely even notice her turbo-boost has been engaged.   

Rufus Horse


Rufus is a handsome 2002 Appaloosa Dun gelding.  Rufus is a quiet, dependable guy who takes good care of his riders. He is generous, patient and forgiving and more than deserves his Non-Competitive Horse of the Year award. Rufus has been working with youth for most of his life and has made an enormous, positive impact in so many lives over the years. We are so proud of you Rufus! 


China is a 2001 Tennessee Walker mare who is loving and caring towards her rider. China loves attention and tail scratches.She doesn't believe in dawdling, is the first to meet you in the pasture, and she loves to be on the go. As a Tennesee Walker she is gaited, which means she doesn’t just have the usual horse gaits of walk, trot, canter and gallop; she also has a flat walk and a running walk which are smooth and rhythmical - like riding a wave. China loves playing games, especially team penning, where her skills at herding cattle come in handy.